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6 Best Managed WordPress Hosting for Enterprise

Wednesday, November 30, 2022 / WordPress / admin

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Enterprise websites have specific requirements for functionality, dependability, features, and support. Select a WordPress host that can keep going if you want to position your company for success. Several businesses provide excellent WordPress enterprise hosting. But it also means that choosing the best service provider could be difficult. We’ve done some research to assist you in getting started because of this. What factors you should take into account while choosing an enterprise WordPress hosting company will be briefly covered in this article. The following section will focus on six of the most common hosting choices for corporate enterprises.


What to look for in enterprise WordPress hosting


Numerous organizations provide WordPress enterprise hosting. When selecting the best solution for your company, it’s crucial to understand what to look for. Scalability, for instance, is among the most crucial characteristics of enterprise-level hosting. Your web server should be ready to meet new requirements as your firm expands. To manage more traffic and data, for instance, you might need to raise the size and resources of your server.


You must confirm that your web host provides enterprise-level security. A data breach may lead to expensive fines and huge damages. In addition to security, you’ll want dependability, with exceptional uptime that is preferably supported by a service-level agreement (SLA). To prevent assaults on your website, it is crucial to learn what security precautions each web host has in place. 


Benefits of WordPress as an enterprise CMS


For businesses entering the IoT era, WordPress may function as an autonomous content management solution that allows them to take advantage of non-traditional devices like voice assistants and wearable technology. For all types of users, including major businesses, the ease of use and the presence of a sizable ecosystem of extensions are factors in favor of WordPress. When considering adopting technology in an enterprise environment, the learning curve and the availability of skilled resources are also crucial considerations. WordPress-experienced workers are simple to obtain, and you don’t need to offer them significant salaries to attract them. A smooth learning curve also lowers the expense of current retraining resources.


Obstacles to WordPress adoption and how to overcome them


WordPress’s scalability issues are caused by the fact that when a site gets more extensive, its complexity and management requirements likewise increase. Even on a site with a few plugins, critics of the well-liked CMS point out that there are always fresh problems to resolve. Because of its open architecture, the WordPress platform has security flaws that make it vulnerable to cybercriminals’ attacks on the data of major corporations. The most effective way to handle these issues is to work with a reputable WordPress enterprise hosting organization that offers specialized services to address the demands of businesses.


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What’s enterprise-grade hosting, anyway?


There are several managed WordPress hosting companies to choose from, some of which have monthly fees of as little as a few dollars. But rather than charging the lowest price possible, a WordPress enterprise hosting provider is expected to provide a solution that successfully addresses the demands of businesses. These requirements consist of the following:


  • A high-performance infrastructure built on cutting-edge software and hardware that provide unparalleled speed.
  • Employing every tool at our disposal, including DDoS detection, firewalls, and round-the-clock monitoring, to counter assaults and malicious intents
  • Fault tolerance and backups.
  • Ability to scale to any volume that your site may encounter.
  • With a guaranteed reaction time, expert WordPress help is available.


Best 6


1. Kinsta



Enterprise WordPress hosting from Kinsta provides top-notch security and enhanced speed for big enterprises. Additionally, scaling up with this provider is simple as your website expands. It offers enterprise-level technical support to manage your server’s infrastructure, automatic daily backups to keep your content safe, a user-friendly dashboard to facilitate team collaboration, daily monitoring to ensure your site is always up and running, and one-click organizing sites with conditional deployment. Furthermore, the Kinsta SLA guarantees 99.9% uptime. The hosting packages from Kinsta are also quite flexible. When it comes to picking and modifying the resources for your business site, you have a lot of choices. In addition, you can decide from 29 Google Cloud data centers.


Price: $30/mo (entry-level), $600/mo (enterprise-focused)


2. Nexcess




Liquid Web, a significant host provider, owns Nexcess as a subsidiary. Although Liquid Web can also be an excellent option for enterprise WordPress hosting, most businesses would start with Nexcess instead because it is where Liquid Web’s managed WordPress hosting plans are housed. A built-in CDN, dedicated PHP workers, and caching are all included in Nexcess’s optimized plans for WordPress. Additionally, it offers Staging sites and Daily automatic backups.

Individual WordPress plugin performance may be evaluated using a unique Plugin Performance Monitor tool. Visual regression testing is also used to power automatic plugin upgrades, which will automatically undo modifications if there are issues.


Price: $19/mo (General). $999 (enterprise)



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3. WordPress VIP


wordpress vip



For large media and marketing organizations, WP VIP offers a comprehensive solution so they can concentrate on producing content while WordPress specialists handle infrastructure, performance, and security concerns. Because it gets active in your projects, WP VIP is more than just a hosting service. It starts by recommending the tools and models appropriate for your use cases and stays with you through the launch and beyond. One of WP VIP’s primary services is end-to-end consultancy. They begin collaborating with you on the first project planning and considerations, and they stick by your side the entire time, handling all the technical aspects so you can concentrate on project management.


Price: Packages start from $2084/mo


4. Convesio




Convesio is an enterprise WordPress host based on its containerization technology, employing high-availability load-balanced setups on all of its plans. It enables Convesio to provide automatic horizontal scalability based on the traffic to your site and increased dependability. For example, Convesio can swiftly spin up new containers using its containerized method during high-traffic periods and then scale back when the extra power is no longer required. Convesio leverages edge caching on Cloudflare’s global network and high-availability configurations to guarantee quick global load times. It provides automatic backups, staging locations, and an improved caching system.


Price: Enterprise packages start from $1000/mo.


5. WP Engine





WP Engine is a top hosting provider, and its cutting-edge enterprise technology is made to support businesses in growing and maximizing their return on investment (ROI). This business offers a WordPress-friendly, safe, and scalable service. Additionally, WP Engine provides web developers with various features, such as conditional deployments and numerous staging and development environments. It makes designing and updating your WordPress site for experts simple.

It provides web application firewall (WAF), DDoS mitigation, speed tests, actionable analytics, Enterprise-grade security, managed CDN, and front-end caching for quicker site speed.


Price: $30/mon (preset plan), custom plans available.




Early in 2019, the managed WordPress host made its debut. However, because of the innovative approach, has developed on the Cloudflare Enterprise network, it has rapidly increased in popularity. Anywhere in the world, whether your visitors are in North America, Europe, Asia, or elsewhere, they will experience lightning-fast load times thanks to’s default approach of entirely caching all of your site’s pages to the Cloudflare Enterprise network.

It offers Staging sites, Real-time backups, plugin/theme administration in your hosting dashboard, and a particular in-browser WP-CLI console that enables you to perform WP-CLI commands without having to SSH into your server.


Price: $30/mo (General), $649/mo (Enterprise)




Running a corporate WordPress site presents unique functionality, dependability, features, and support requirements. With customized plans created especially for large enterprises, all of the WordPress hosting on this list can satisfy those requirements. You might get by with an off-the-shelf plan for some hosts. For other circumstances, you might want to get in touch with the sales team to discuss a unique plan created to meet the demands of your company.