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11 Best WordPress Maintenance Packages for Your Website

Thursday, December 8, 2022 / WordPress / admin

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Looking for assistance with your WordPress site so you can concentrate on expanding your organization rather than keeping it up to date? A WordPress maintenance packages that you pay for can be just what you need. These services may take care of routine duties like backups, upgrades, security, and more, allowing you to concentrate on your company. If you manage your websites, these WordPress maintenance packages can relieve some of your workloads and free you up to concentrate on marketing and content creation. 


Additionally, some businesses offer white-label features if you use Elementor to create client websites, enabling you to brand the maintenance services you provide to your clients. We’ll examine the top eleven WordPress maintenance providers in this article to assist you in selecting the most excellent option for your requirements.


What Do WordPress Maintenance Services Do? 


Let’s discuss how WordPress maintenance services are performed before going over the list of services so you can decide if they are right for you.


The “core” set of maintenance capabilities is the first and is provided by almost every service. These consist of the following:


  • Essential support, for instance, will at least put you in the right direction if you have a query regarding WordPress (though you shouldn’t always expect someone to fix the issue for you based on whether it falls under the purview of that service’s offering).
  • Controlled releases for the WordPress theme, WordPress plugins, and core
  • Automated daily site backups to a safe remote place
  • Security monitoring of some kind, typically packaged with third-party services like Sucuri


White-label capabilities are also provided by some maintenance services, which is fantastic if you use Elementor to create client websites. In essence, this implies that you may still use your email account and brand while still providing support services to your clients.


What is the need for a WordPress Website Maintenance Service?


  1. Backups: Create several backups of your website for restoration in the case of a security breach or information content error, which could compromise, corrupt, or erase any crucial information.
  2. Professional WordPress support: CMS connectors support the smooth operation of your site for ideal workflows and efficient management.
  3. Security: To prevent cyberattacks, including hacking or the alteration of sensitive information, update your frameworks regularly to fill in any holes and fix bugs.
  4. Regular WordPress updates are necessary for themes or plugin versions to maintain functional compatibility.
  5. Boost your search engine optimization (SEO): For quicker page loads, more traffic, and better visitor retention. Who knows, you might also gain from improved rankings and word-of-mouth referrals. Encourage your consumers to write better reviews and use keywords more effectively.
  6. Maintainance can affect your conversion rate: Customize and set up your website to maximize lead generation. In addition, to live troubleshooting tools, proactive hosting options, and security cum firewall protocols to safeguard your assets, dedicated resources with help are also available.
  7. A well-maintained website provides a positive user experience: Increase your brand’s visibility and SEO to make it easier for people to find you. Engage your consumers with more content that appeals to them through fluid, vibrant, and aesthetically pleasing images. To prevent and lower bounce or abandonment rates, make sure that all links are functioning correctly.
  8. Enhancing your databases: Streamline the information on your accounts to ensure it is both practical and valuable. Remove unnecessary waste and keep what is pertinent to your website.


Best WordPress Maintenance Packages


1. Template Monster




The vast array of services offered by TemplateMonster’s website maintenance services helps keep your site safe and secure. It functions for users with websites built on WooCommerce, Shopify, WordPress, PrestaShop, and OpenCarts, among other platforms. The team will see that your resource receives uptime monitoring and frequent health inspections. Additionally, it will focus on other goals, such as weekly updates, improvement requests, and backups.



template monster


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2. WP Buffs


WP Buffs



WP Buffs is a fantastic choice if you want a crew of professionals to perform most of your maintenance jobs. They offer website backups, access to the iThemes Security Pro plugin for additional security, speed optimization services, weekly updates for all plugins, themes, and core files, and 24/7 emergency help. It is perfect for website owners who wish to outsource maintenance activities so that they may concentrate on other duties.



wpbuffs price




3. Maintainn




Another well-liked WordPress maintenance service is Maintain, which provides combined routine support and maintenance services and the option to buy credits for custom development work for more significant modifications. It offers service via email and live chat, the managed theme, plugin, and core updates, daily, twice-daily, or four-times-daily automatic cloud backup to Amazon S3, malware removal for hacked websites, and up-time monitoring.



WordPress Maintenance Plans


4. GWP


They provide white-label WordPress support and maintenance. It is a complete site solution with round-the-clock technical support, covering upgrades, security, and backups. You can manage seamless integrations while juggling tasks if you have multiple concurrent freelance accounting skills. Features for site cloning and integration are also offered. Their maintenance for independent contractors enables autonomous branding with technical planning.


Price: $29/mo (maintenance), $79/mo (content edits)


5. ManageWP


Manage WP



You can automate all of your maintenance operations using ManageWP’s features. You may execute bulk upgrades for your plugins, themes, core files, Sucuri security checks, performance evaluations, and free monthly backups. These features are each free. You can include paid upgrades to open up additional capabilities, such as routine checks of your website for redirects and keyword tracking.


Price: Free, premium ranging from $1-2/mo per site



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6. FixRunner


Fix Runner



For businesses that need to outsource their routine maintenance, FixRunner is a cost-effective choice. Your site is regularly backed up by FixRunner, which also offers 24/7 uptime monitoring, security checkpoints, and speed optimization.


Fix Runner Price



7. SiteCare


WordPress Maintenance Services



SiteCare will take care of all your upkeep requirements. It offers 24/7 virus scanning, brute force security, anti-spam software, auditing of your plugins, daily or hourly backups (also accessible for multisite installations for WooCommerce sites), and other security services.

sitecare plans



8. WP Umbrella




Another inexpensive choice for managing many websites is WP Umbrella. Using this all-in-one solution, you can handle your theme and plugin changes from a single dashboard. If something goes wrong on any of your WordPress sites, you can receive notifications via email or Slack.



9. WP Tangerine




These people can help you with everything from site transitions to SEO for decreased latency and faster page loading times. Site issue fixes, research, and tool-specific requests are all available as made-to-order services. Editing adjustments, learning-focused Q&A, visuals, design, and development tools encourage aesthetically pleasing user interfaces.


wptangerine pricing plan


10. GoDaddy





GoDaddy provides WordPress Premium Support, a paid service that offers assistance or repairs for problems with your WordPress website around the clock. The latest WordPress version installation, database optimization, and theme customization are all included in this service.


Price: Packages start from $49.99/mo


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11. WPMaintainer





With only one plan and access to all the fundamental maintenance capabilities you’d anticipate, WP Maintainer is a service with transparent pricing. It offers ticket help, automated backups to a remote location, and the choice to buy reduced development hours for specialized adjustments and alterations.





You spent a lot of time and effort creating your website, so it makes sense that you would want it to continue operating efficiently. But to do so, you must be on the lookout for security risks, service interruptions, out-of-date plugins, poor load times, broken links, and many other issues. WordPress maintenance packages can assist in relieving you of some of these duties, so you can concentrate on improving your website in other ways, such as by adding fresh content and converting leads.