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10 Best Contact Form 7 Extensions & Addons

Wednesday, September 28, 2022 / WordPress Plugin / admin

Contact Form 7 Extensions


The easiest way to connect with your audience is through a contact form. If your website is hosted on WordPress, Contact Form 7 can help you gain quality leads that can convert. Contact Form 7 is a popular WordPress plugin because 5 million websites actively use it. Unlike paid plugins, it’s free to install and use. WordPress plugin search ends by embedding Contact Form 7 extensions on your website, you can create email responses and provide different formats and input types including email, text, and telephone numbers.


Though Contact Form 7 is widely used by website owners and bloggers yet it lacks features updates, which makes it fall behind its competitors. Consequently, Contact Form 7 extensions come to the rescue which makes the plugin more useful and powerful to implement advanced tasks. This article shares 10 useful extensions, let’s find out.


Contact Form 7 Multi-Step


Contact Form 7 Multi-Step Forms



It’s cumbersome to fill long forms and potential customers fear it, as they find it a waste of their time, and can easily skip the process and move to your competitor’s website. Now you don’t want them to abandon your site, isn’t it? Use the awesome Contact Form 7 Multi-Step extension to add multiple steps with a click to and customize the buttons for each step in the form. This extension is an effective tactic to make the layout more functional by converting it into a shorter form. 




  • Engaging UI/ UX
  • Easily add a steps tag to the form with a click
  • Customize buttons for each step
  • Makes long forms shorter 
  • Add Next and Previous navigation buttons with shortcodes 



Contact Form 7 Database


Contact Form 7 Database Addon – CFDB7



Developed by Ninja Team, Contact Form 7 Database allows you to store all submitted forms and access them later. 




  • Tag names are easily changed
  • Sort columns with drag and drop feature
  • Enable or disable columns
  • Export data, columns data, and e-mails to CSV for marketing
  • User-friendly interface 
  • Display data for each submitted form
  • Creates a backup file and exports it into the latest formats for data protection


Moana CF7 Builder 




Do you need to code the Contact Form 7 to make changes to columns and style? Get relief from coding challenges with Moana Builder, which uses drag and drop fields like the Visual Composer.




  • No coding is required. Drag and drop elements to create forms
  • Word with visual composer
  • Easy and convenient to use
  • Quickly create forms and save time


Contact Form 7 Honeypot


Honeypot for Contact Form 7



Install HoneyPot extension to block spammers. With its anti-spam functionality, you can block spam bots by sorting them into hidden fields which compels the bots to reveal they are non-human visitors to your website. Simply, click the HoneyPot plugin to install the module to the form editor and allow it to work in the background, while your audience continues to fill and submit forms.




  • Prevent spam bots
  • Work with multiple forms
  • Quick and easy to use


JQuery Validation for Contact Form 7


Jquery Validation For Contact Form 7




Need to validate the information submitted in the form? jQuery Validation plugin is just the right way to do it! This extension integrates jQuery validation to Contact Form 7 and flags incorrect information enabling users to correct the errors instantly.  




  • Faster validation of information in the form
  • Validates URL, credit card, phone number, email, date, IBAN (International Bank Account Number), alphabets, and numbers
  • Instantly shows an error message for invalid data types in individual fields 
  • User-friendly and interactive validation 
  • Works with multiple forms


Contact Form 7 with PayPal Add-on


Contact Form 7 with PayPal Add-on



Integrate credit card payments to CF7 with the PayPal plugin. To install the plugin, add PayPal merchant ID to the PayPal Settings screen and confirm the currency in which transactions should occur. Once the extension is enabled, users submitting the form are auto-redirected to the PayPal checkout screen to make the purchase and receive a confirmation email.  




  • Create items SKU/ID, name, and price in the contact form
  • Select a cancel payment URL
  • Select a successful payment URL
  • Built-in support of 25 currencies 
  • Built-in support for 18 languages 
  • Sandbox testing for PayPal installation 




Contact Form 7 Style



Need a jazzy look and feel to your CF7? Install the Contact Form 7 Style extension! It supports multiple designs and allows you to import and export customized styles of a form. You can personalize color, fonts, and style.




  • Custom fonts including Google fonts
  • Color Styling
  • Border and background color
  • Styling for text, input fields, text area, messages, labels, placeholders and submit button
  • Customize error messages, warning messages, and success messages
  • Live preview of edits made on the form


Image Optimize and Upload CF7 




Need to upload several images in the form hassle-free? Install the Images Optimize and Upload CF7 plugin to help your users upload large and multiple images quickly and easily. This extension resizes and compresses images to reduce the bandwidth and save time before you receive the form. It allows you to select the image quality and size.   




  • Uses AJAX drag and drop uploader for quick and efficient resizing and compression  
  • Customize thumbnails of uploaded file upload by using the drag and drop feature for area layouts
  • Multiple shortcodes in a single form
  • Select the maximum file upload limit in the global settings or shortcode 
  • Identify images by adding an ID to the shortcode. The ID value is used as a prefix in the filename
  • Remove temporary image files from the server after form submission
  • No limits on input file type and size for validation
  • Mobile friendly
  • Settings are highly customizable


Active Campaign & Contact Form 7


Active Campaign & Contact Form 7



Collect unlimited leads and extend the subscription list by installing Active Campaign Contact Form 7 extensions. It allows you to tag visitors, add contacts to active campaigns, create hyper-focused segments and automation rules to offer improved user experience, and eventually sell more.   




  • Adding Contacts: Upon form submission, easily add contacts to active campaigns. You can create a separate contact list for each form.
  • Adding Tags: To maintain a record of your contacts, apply individual tags or your choicest tags to each form. 
  • Pro-version supports GDPR compliance, special mail tags, Unlimited site License, Time Payment, and Lifetime Free Updates. 


Contact Form 7 Email Add-on Pro


Contact Form 7 Email Add on



This email configuration extension allows you to customize the Contact Form 7 for admins and users. You can select from pre-developed templates and easily customize it for your requirements. You can update and add links, content, buttons, and graphics to the template. Additionally, these templates allow you to perform A/B testing to understand consumer behavior and improve the lead conversion rate. It’s easy to install and use, even if you have no technical experience. 



Custom Pre-developed Contact Form 7 Email Templates

18+ Pre-developed responsive email templates





  • 10 pre-developed responsive email templates with customization ability
  • Multiple Email templates
  • Click to copy the shortcode
  • Users can view special mail tags on the plugin popup
  • Can add/remove form fields
  • Compatible with Contact Form 7 version 5 and above
  • Compatible with WordPress 4.6 and above


PRO Plugin Features


  • 18 pre-developed responsive email templates with customization ability
  • Compatible with custom shortcode
  • Can download HTML Template for external use
  • Preview template and send a test email




By adding these plugins and extensions to your Contact Form 7, you can improve the functionality, prevent spam, collect payments, and personalize the forms, easily. So, if you seek to upgrade the CF 7 these installations are a requisite. Ranging from basic to advanced utility levels you can install them as per your requirements, easily.