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How to Enable a User Password Generator in WordPress

Friday, September 23, 2022 / WordPress / admin

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A weaker password for easy login often leads to cybersecurity issues with websites and accounts being hacked and critical business, consumer, or financial data stolen. Now, who wants their necessary data stolen? This article will educate you on how to create a strong password quickly and easily with assistance from a WordPress password generator. Read on to find out more. 


Why Use a Stronger Password Generator in WordPress?


WordPress allows users to select a password by default but it’s not secure unless you want to create a stronger password. The built-in password generator is available on the registration and profile pages of a user during the WordPress installation process. By clicking the WordPress password generator button, you can generate a unique and strong password that contains alphabets, numbers, and special signs.  


Users registering on your WordPress website require strong passwords to protect their financial and personal data. However, WordPress allows you/ your users to ignore password strength checking with the ‘Confirm use of weak password’ option.


Hence, encourage them to use the WordPress password generator button to create unique passwords that cannot be hacked.


How do enforce secure passwords, easily?


Method #1: Apply Strong Password WordPress Generator 


  • Install and activate the Password Policy Manager on your WordPress site Once activated, navigate to the Password Policies page and select the “Enable Password Policies” check box.
  • Establish a site-wide password policy for all users by selecting minimum password strength, use of numbers and special characters, and password expiry time frame. 
  • Further, you can use advanced options for password security. For example, inactive users automatically reset passwords or prevent users from resetting passwords or reusing old ones.
  • Thus, the WordPress password generator plugin will display the option to generate a strong password during registration, profile creation, and password change.


Mass Users Password Reset Pro Plugin for WordPress

Reset Multiple User’s Password In Just One Click


Benefits of Advanced password security.


  1. You can limit login attempts to prevent force attacks. Select the number of login attempts a user can make before the account is locked and disabled for 24 hours.  
  2. You can establish a lock duration after a specific number of failed login attempts, and opt for manually unlocking accounts by an administrator.
  3. Establish different password policies based on user roles, such as subscribers, members, and authors. It will prevent users from creating weaker passwords.



Method #2: Create Strong Passwords in Login Forms and Custom User Registration


Users may ignore stronger password requirements if they prefer password reset forms and custom user registration. To combat it, you can enforce strong passwords by offering WPForms. It’s an easy method to create, edit and display custom forms on your website. 


Simply, install and activate this plugin if you have the Pro plan. 


Step1: Once activated, navigate to WPForms, and select Settings, now enter your license key. To find the license key visit your account section on the WPForms website.   

Step 2:  Navigate to the Addons page, visit the ‘User Registration Addon’ and click to install it. Now you can create a custom user login and registration forms.

Step 3: Open WPForms and click Add New page. Now provide a title, and then select the user registration form template. It will load the form builder for editing form fields.

Step 4: Select the password field to edit and click the ‘Enable Password Strength’ option. Select the option of minimum password strength and click ‘Strong’. Now save the form and exit.

Step 5: Once the custom form is created and displayed on the website, you can block the content area by using the WPForms block option and preview it in the editor before making it live.


Once the registration form is live, your users can gain access to content or products/services only by creating a stronger password.    






With the WordPress password generator tool, you can apply stronger passwords on your WordPress website and protect critical business and customer data from cyber attacks in a few steps.