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What’s New In Mass Users Password Reset(MUPR) After WordPress 5.7 Release

Friday, June 10, 2022 / WordPress Plugin / admin




When your website gets hacked, it is suggested that you reset the password for all users. This can take a long time if you have a lot of users.


The WordPress system provides you with many ways to reset administrator and passwords. The most viable method is by doing it through the interface, which is the easiest way to reset or recover passwords. It’s this easy to reset passwords cause WordPress has its own in-built password recovery mechanism for website admin. 


WordPress 5.7 has been out for a while now since March 9th, 2021. It was the first important release of the year and came out with new features and enhancements.


Since its release, we have been following its progress closely and testing the new features on our own sites. 


In this blog, we’ll cover what’s coming in WordPress 5.7 with technical notes and screenshots.


WordPress 5.7 Lets Administrators Send Password Reset Links


It’s that period of an update when all developer notes are circling out ahead of the next major update. If you haven’t been looking closely, there are always a few good surprises in there that spring forth as conclusions to tickets that contributors have been paying attention to for years.


The password reset feature that came in WordPress 5.7 lets admins manually send password reset links to multiple users, solving a 5-year-old ticket. This feature lets administrators press a button in the admin to send the link, instead of having to command a user where to go to click on the lost password link and follow the steps from there.


The password reset feature saves lots of time in helping users recover the credentials of their accounts, so if you ever had to assist clients or users who may not be technically inclined, this feature will come in handy for all. 


The “Send password reset” link can be found in several places. Administrators can search the link on the Users screen and in the bulk actions dropdown menu.


WordPress 5.7 Vs Mass Users Password Reset(MUPR)

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Also, available for individual or singular user screens with a button and a note that instructs on the action won’t change the user’s password or change it forcefully. 


Site name, username, a password reset link and the IP address is included in the password reset email notification, for example:


This password reset request originated from the IP address [IPADDRESS].



Why install the Mass Users Password Reset Plugin?


Making the login process smoother for users can be of assistance to enhance the overall experience on your website, which can motivate them to return in the future. Additionally, a safe site is more likely to shield you and your users from large-scale data breaches. If you’re looking to enhance the login process on your WordPress, we’ve searched through a list of our favorite login and password plugins and singled down one plugin that can provide a seamless and safer user experience: MASS Users Reset Password.


MASS Users Password Reset is a WordPress that allows you to reset the password of all users. It can cluster the users according to their role and resets the password of that batch. It remits notification mail to users about their new randomly generated password.


The pro version is packers with multiple methods to reset the password and customized email templates with the new password data. Its propped up with multiple languages and is compatible with BuddyPress, Dokan, and WooCommerce –  Multi-Vendor Marketplace.







Mass User Password Reset Pro Features:

  • Role-based grouping
  • An email notification with a new password
  • Custom filter-based actions
  • Custom email template
  • Option to send a password reset link
  • Test Mode
  • WooCommerce compatible
  • Multilingual translation
  • Excellent support





  • Upload via WordPress Admin Panel
  • Log into the WordPress and Plugins page
  • Select the .zip file you downloaded and click Install
  • Enter your FTP information if required and install the plugin
  • Activate the plugin


Upload via FTP


  • Unzip the .zip file you downloaded.
  • Upload the “Mass Users Password Reset Pro” plugin folder to your wp-content/plugins directory.
  • Navigate to your Admin Panel: Plugins.
  • Under “Mass Users Password Reset Pro”, click Activate.


Conclusion: Improve WordPress Login Security


When it comes to security, there are a lot of things that you can improve in WordPress login security.  The first thing would be to keep a strong password. You can add an extra layer of security by password securing your WordPress admin (wp-admin) directory.


Another usual technique utilized by hackers is to run scripts that use random passwords in an effort to crack the password.  To slow down is one possible solution against such attacks.


Last but not least, you can start using MASS Users Password Reset for the better safety of your WordPress.


We hope that this blog helped you learn how to reset passwords for all users in WordPress. For feedback and questions, please leave a comment below.