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How to Create a Contact Form on Your Site (+7 Free Templates)

Wednesday, October 5, 2022 / WordPress / admin

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It’s crucial to establish several channels for connecting with customers. There is a necessary compromise: contact forms. While cutting-edge alternatives like chatbots offer immediate responses, conventional methods like email keep the customer at a distance. Every site should have a contact form so customers can quickly inquire about your goods and services. WordPress does not, by default, include a built-in contact form, but you can easily add one to your website. Learn why contact forms are essential, how to construct forms (and pages) that make it simple for customers to interact and the best ways to lay out your form fields for maximum effect using WordPress plugins.


Why do we need a Contact form?


Why do I require a contact form? You might be wondering. Why can’t I include an email address on the website so visitors can email me? The top 3 benefits of using a contact form instead of putting your email address on a page are shown below:


  • Saves Time – There are numerous ways that contact forms can save you time. Along with providing consistent information, form confirmations can direct users toward the appropriate next steps. They could ask you to view a video or wait at least 24 hours for a reply, for example, to stop sending you additional questions.
  • Protection against spam – Spam bots frequently trawl websites in search of the mail to: email account tag. You will start to get a lot of spam emails once you submit your email id on the website. On the contrary, the contact form can resist spam emails and prohibit spam from contact forms.
  • Consistent Information – When communicating via email, people don’t always send you everything you require. With a contact form, one may clearly state to the user what facts they need, such as their phone number, spending limit, project specifics, and more.


Benefits of Contact Form


Brands don’t exist by themselves. Businesses are a part of a bigger cultural narrative that discusses the need for connectivity at scale and on-demand in a portable, social-driven world. Companies that can stand out from the fast-growing competition in online consumer interactions by displaying reliability, humor, and self-reflection stand out and frequently create connections that support long-term ROI.


Social media is at the cutting edge of this connected current, enabling quick replies to customer inquiries on sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Meanwhile, proper contact forms and websites facilitate client inquiries and foster a meaningful connection: Forms guarantee to acknowledge, examine, and address consumer issues.


Steps to create a contact form


So let’s start by studying how to install WordPress plugin contact form. Whatever program or application you choose, the processes should be roughly similar. We’re going to go over how to achieve this with WordPress. Just follow the steps below:


  • Selecting the Best Contact Form Plugin for WordPress
  • Install a WordPress contact form plugin.
  • WordPress contact form creation.
  • Setting up WordPress Form Confirmations and Notifications.
  • Choose whether you want to add a contact form as a separate page or in your website’s sidebar.


Free templates for creating contact-form


Are you looking for ideas for your forthcoming contact form, or would you instead use plugins for your WordPress website that are already up and running? Using these form templates, we have you covered.




WPForms Contact Form Template


One of the most commonly used drag-and-drop form generators for WordPress is WPForms. It has more than 300 pre-made form designs that can be adjusted to meet your precise requirements. Select many templates, including contact, booking, registration, and payment forms. Powerful features like intelligent conditional logic, immediate notifications, antispam, and entry management are also included with WPForms.


Colorlib Contact Form Template


Choose from a variety of free web forms at Colorlib. Please select the one you like, click it, and then obtain the CSS3/HTML5 file and customize it to your specifications. You may use all they offer, including pages with solid and gradient backgrounds, photos, and even Google Maps. Allow users to contact you conveniently without having to dial a number.

While some of these Bootstrap web forms are simple, others are more complex and let you configure many options to draw in as many potential customers as possible. Never forget your contact page, and invite site visitors to get in touch with you for everything they require.



Hubspot Forms Template


Similar to the web-based version of the program, HubSpot’s Forms Tools for WordPress integrates seamlessly with your website, saving customers a step if you’re a WP user. With the help of the free plugin, you can easily create landing pages and contact forms with extensive customization, drag-and-drop email creation, and live chat bot deployments. Additionally, all website forms sync immediately with HubSpot CRM.


JotForm Contact form template


There is a form for everyone with JotForm’s more than 350 free forms. When you’re ready, to begin with, your contact form, click “Use Template” and obtain a shareable link or form code to embed in your website.


Gravity Forms WordPress Plugin Contact Form Template


Using the Gravity Forms template on your WordPress website, you can quickly choose form fields, modify various form components, and integrate your form with time-saving options. Gravity Forms also incorporates HubSpot.


Metform Plugin Contact form Template


A contact form plugin called Metform offers total drag-and-drop capabilities. You can quickly create any contact form, gather leads on your site, and transfer those to the HubSpot CRM. You may design any form you want with MetForm, including contact forms.


Forminator WordPress Plugin contact form template.


With the free Forminator WordPress plugin, you can access quizzes, surveys, polls, and payment options in addition to form layouts. Contact forms consistent with your brand can be easily created to communicate with customers effectively using a drag-and-drop graphic editor.



Custom Pre-developed Contact Form 7 Email Templates

18+ Pre-developed responsive email templates





We trust this post has shown you how to set up a basic contact form in WordPress. Choosing the correct contact form for your website is crucial. Corporate email addresses allow clients to contact you, but they frequently distance you from your customers and make communication seem complicated. Well-designed contact forms and web pages speed up customer interactions and enable your company to rapidly address questions and issues to contribute to developing client relationships that eventually drive ROI.