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Top Tools & Software’s that every designer needs

Monday, April 10, 2017 / News / admin

A designer is as good as the tools he/she uses. Different options are at their disposal, today. Here below is a list of top tool for you to consider.

  • Dropbox: Add photos automatically, edit docs, and show videos. Share and work as a team.
  • Keynote: Create amazing presentations with dazzling effects. Use Theme Chooser.
  • Photoshop CC: Make images appear incredibly real. Design for screens faster.
  • Illustrator CC: make the most of the tools Touch Type. Rotate, scale, and move individual characters.
  • Skitch: Instantly communicate ideas and feedback, mark-up PDF, annotate photo, snap screen or draw.
  • Pixelmator: This is a powerful full featured application for image editing. Touch up, enhance images, paint, draw, and add dazzling effects.
  • Aperture: Deal for demanding photo requirements, the learning curve is easy.
  • Coda 2: It is a feature-rich web code all-in-one editor.
  • OmniGraffle: It contains integrated AMP and Inspector, stencil windows, upgraded steppers, and improved tools.
  • InDesign CC: It is more connected, sharper, and faster working on complex docs.
  • Sublime Text: This is prose, markup, and code text editor.
  • Quartz Composer: It provides graphic essential services with graphics Quartz 2D API and Quartz Extreme.
  • Ember: it works as digital scrapbook for your apps, photos, and sites.
  • GitHub: Code with anyone, it contains huge collaborative features.
  • Cloud: It is a simple link sharing and file.
  • Pen and Paper: This tool is for articulating your design ideas easily.
  • Sketch 3: Use this for online graphic design, it offers an elegant interface.
  • After Effects CC: This timesaving powerful feature facilitates application of effects and mask.
  • Image Optim: Optimized images using this will occupy less space on disk.
  • Vim: This text editor is highly configurable. This enables efficient editing of text.
  • Droplr: This is for file sharing on Mac. Share everything like docs, images, videos, and more.
  • Balsamiq Mockups: It contains powerful, when needed features.
  • InVision: Quickly demo mobile apps or share single mockup, display designs uniquely.
  • iA Writer: It offers an ideal, practical writing environment. It formats text subtly.
  • Heroku: Run or build apps the way you want. It supports Node.js, python, java, and Ruby.
  • Axure: It gives you wireframing, prototyping and specification tools needed to persuade your sceptics, get your design.
  • LittleIpsum: It is the best generator of Latin text for the OS X.
  • Skala Preview: Send colour and pixel perfect previews of design from Mac to iPad/iPhone.
  • Maya: It provides display next generation technology as animation 3-D software.
  • Sketch Mirror: It is Sketch companion app on Mac. Use it to preview designs over Wi-Fi.
  • Hype 2: Create interactive and beautiful animated web content.
  • Flinto: It is for realism and fast prototyping.
  • Slicy: Turn your PSD images to images for apps and web.
  • Framer.js: The prototyping tool is for desktop interaction and animation.
  • Reflector: Everything users do on mobile devices is available on computer screen.
  • Emmet LiveStyle: This plug-in is for bidirectional, live CSS editing for new generation.
  • Cheetah 3D: It is simple yet powerful 3-D modelling, animation application and rendering.
  • ImageAlpha: It applies lossy compression, conversion to PNG 8+Alpha efficient format.
  • LICEcap: This is flexible, intuitive app to capture desktop areas and saved directly as GIF.
  • ColorSnapper: Determine pixel colours easily onscreen.
  • POP: Draw your app idea on paper; use POP to run on phone.
  • Icon Slate: Export, import, or compose icons in different formats for mobile or desktop.
  • Hammer: This is indispensable with features like HTML, Coffeescript parsing, Clever Paths, and SASS.
  • JPEGmini Lite: Select folders and photos even the complete hard drive to optimise 20 photos maximum daily.