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Premium Add-on for WordPress Mass Users Password Reset Plugin – Why You NEED it?

Thursday, April 21, 2022 / WordPress Plugin / admin

Premium Add-on for WordPress Mass Users Password Reset Plugin


Regardless of a website’s size and type, it’s prone to cyber-attacks. Consequently, to protect business-critical data, it’s prudent to change user passwords. However, manually changing thousands of passwords is a daunting task, if an automated system is not available. Nonetheless, website owners must ensure hackers should not be able to lay hands again on the consumer data, lest they want to lose business and brand image. This tutorial aims to assist with scheduling password reset by using a mass user password reset plugin in WordPress. Let’s begin!     


Mass User Password Reset Pro – WordPress Plugin


Mass Users Password Reset is a valuable WordPress Plugin that enables website administrators to reset the passwords of all users, automatically. The premium add-on of this plugin offers several methods for scheduling password reset. It can group users by roles or by the values of additional custom fields. Thus, the admin can reset the password for an individual user or the group. Upon successful password reset, an email notification is delivered to the recipients, notifying them about the newly generated password information. It supports multiple languages and is compatible with WooCommerce, BuddyPress, and Dokan (multi-vendor marketplace). Its latest user interface supports innovative features such as WP CLI support, custom field filter, and test mode.     


Mass Users Password Reset from Krishaweb Technologies is a premium plugin with 4000+ downloads and 1000+ active installations. The team has added features to make user management easier for the administrator, regardless of the role’s quantity and user’s access. Additionally, a test mode feature is added in the recent upgrade of this WordPress plugin to allow administrators to test the functionality before its application. 




  • WordPress 4.4 or higher
  • If using the free version of this plugin, deactivate and delete it from the WordPress admin panel. You can perform this operation in two ways.

        Method #1: Launch the plugin, search for ‘Mass Users Password Reset’ click deactivate and delete button. 

        Method #2: Delete via FTP. Launch wp-content/plugins directory. Search for the ‘Mass Users Password Reset’ folder, and delete it.




In three quick steps install the Mass User Password Reset Pro.

Step#1: Download and upload this plugin to the /wp-content/plugins/

Step#2: Activate the plugin via the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.

Step#3: Under the ‘Users’ menu you will find the submenu containing the ‘Mass Users Password Reset’ option.


Mass Users Password Reset Add on – Advanced way to reset the multiple WordPress users’ password


Schedule Password Reset MUPR Add-on is an extension to Mass User Password Reset Plugin that enables administrators to automatically reset the user passwords from the WordPress backend. 

This plugin add-on assists with the schedule password reset feature, i.e., administrators can reset multiple user passwords on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, and send auto-generated email notifications to users. It can be used with the free and Pro version of the Mass User Password Reset. Additionally, default filters and features can be used with this feature.

Interestingly, in the Mass User Password Reset plugin ‘free’ version, administrators can now use this feature for unlimited users unlike earlier when the limit was restricted to 100 users.        

Want to test the schedule password reset feature that you applied just now? Simply, add the below code to wp-config.php and within 10 minutes you will receive a report on the successful execution of this feature.

Code: define( ‘SPR_DEV_MODE’, true );


Key Features:


  • Pre-defined password reset schedule
  • Role-based schedule option
  • Unlimited password reset


Schedule Password Reset MUPR Add-on Video Tutorial






3 Bonus Tips to Protect WordPress Websites


Tip#1: Always Keep a Backup

Always back up the data of your website. In case of a cyber-attack, you can easily retrieve the data once the security is fixed. However, ensure the backup system that you use is also secured.


Tip#2: Apply Complicated Passwords

Hackers easily break into a website or an individual user’s account with weak passwords. For instance, consecutive numbers, alphabets, and birth dates are easy to break. However, a strong password that contains alphanumeric and special characters or long-tailed passwords is un-hackable. It may initially be difficult to remember the complicated password but it’s worth the effort if you want to prevent cyber-attacks.


Tip#3: Add Two-Factor Authentication

Adding two-factor authentication significantly enhances a website’s security. It involves an SMS text code (OTP) and the user’s password for the login process. The OTP is delivered on the users’ phones; hence hackers cannot break into the website/account unless they know the OTP.    




Always practice superior security methods, if you seek to protect your WordPress website and its user’s critical personal and financial data. Have you initiated a mass user password reset on your website?


Buy MUPR Add-on today and see the difference for yourself.