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7 Best Admin Dashboard Plugins for WordPress to Power Up Your Site (Paid & Free)

Thursday, April 14, 2022 / WordPress Plugin / admin

WordPress Admin Plugin


The WordPress admin dashboard is crucial for your blogging or business website. It changes themes, creates new pages, and builds the website in a few clicks. Its intuitive interface is easy to use, access, and navigate for new and seasoned website owners. This article suggests seven top-performing WordPress Plugins for Admin Dashboard. Read on to find out more.      


What is the WordPress admin dashboard? 


How can you make WordPress more valuable? Several ideas will emerge in your mind. However, have you thought about improving the Admin Dashboard experience? 


If you operate a multi-site network that manages multiple contributors, authors, and editors. By customizing the admin dashboard, you can enhance user experience and create new opportunities to monetize the network, which helps to differentiate your network in the competitive marketplace. So, stop spending several hours logged into /wp-admin/ and start focusing on improving its value!     


Customizing the WordPress admin and dashboard with Plugins       


Plugin#1: White Label CMS



This plugin enables WordPress web developers to customize the admin area as per the business requirements. It creates a branded login page and offers three preset CMS profiles: Custom, Website, Blog – to modify the menu system. Further, it offers the choice to add a business/brand logo in the admin header and footer section – useful for adding developer branding into the admin area. Additionally, a custom message with instructions on how to use and navigate the admin section can be sent to the business owner.      


  • Developers and/or website owner can include their brand logo to drive repeat business.


  • Custom email notification on how to use this plugin and features for website owners.   


Plugin#2: Branda



Branda transforms websites from dull to fab as it customizes features from the login screen, color scheme, and logo to personalized messages and notes. Once logged into the WordPress admin and dashboard, developers or website owners can easily alter the logo, text labels, login screen background color scheme, and reorder the top menu for easy accessibility. 


Plugin#3: Client Dash


Client Dash is a powerful plugin for customizing dashboards and restricting access to specific menu items. Further, a personalized menu can be created by changing the label, link, and icons. All features are configurable through the effortless drag-and-drop interface.


With a user-friendly dashboard that contains customizable menus and icons that navigate users in the right direction, thus developers/ website owners offer a remarkable user experience. For instance, adding a ‘Howdy’ message in the top-right corner, or a personalized Maintenance Mode or Coming Soon page makes the WordPress website more amicable for users.    


Plugin#4: Admin Menu Editor


Modify the functionality and design of the WordPress admin area (backend) with this simple and powerful plugin. With its drag and drop interface, website owners can re-order admin menu items, or create a custom menu for quick and effortless navigation.  


Plugin#5: Admin Tour


Admin Tour PRO plugin allows vendors or users to view the tour through the default process. Developers can rearrange or add the tour steps for easy website navigation. Further, dashboard widgets are added for all the tours within the vendor account. It’s compatible with Dokan and WooCommerce plugins.  



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Plugin#6: User Role Editor


This free and powerful admin plugin enables developers to create capabilities for the users; especially if the website has multiple authors. This user-friendly plugin allows admins to easily add, delete and edit WP user roles and capabilities. It can be done by clicking on required checkboxes pertinent to a user’s role, and/or blocking the selected admin menu items, or blocking widgets by integrating this plugin.


 Plugin#7: WordPress Hide Admin Menu Plugin


Want to allow only selected users to see the complete WordPress admin menu? Use this simple plugin to hide certain menu items from users based on their roles. Use this plugin when collaborating with others on a WordPress website. You can restrict administrative permissions and prevent unsanctioned modifications by team members. Thus, this plugin allows you to streamline the user experience while maintaining the security of the critical functions against unplanned modifications. 




WordPress with its rich-feature interface is the top choice for CMS across the globe. It offers numerous customization options on the front end but lags at the back end. Thus, WordPress Admin dashboard plugins facilitate function and design enhancements that make the website or blog site easier to manage, more efficient, and attractive.


Have you installed the plugins?