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50% Discount on WordPress Contact form 7 email add on Pro

Thursday, November 25, 2021 / News / admin

Contact form 7 form Email Addon is an extension to Contact Form 7’s Email Configuration.  It allows you to personalize the Email sent to both users and administrators of the contact form. There are a variety of pre-designed email templates from which you can choose, and you can easily customize the template to suit your needs. Even if you don’t have any coding experience, you can easily change the email template’s content, links, graphics, and buttons.



WordPress 4.6 or later is required.

Deactivating and deleting Contact Form 7 Email Add On Plugin is the first step if you’re using the accessible version of this plugin.


The downloads and installations

  • Use the WordPress Admin Panel to do so.
  • Go to the Plugins page on WordPress and log in
  • Click Install on the zip file you downloaded.
  • It’s time to download and install the plugin.


Turn the plugin on.

  1. Find Plugins in your admin panel on the Plugins page.
  2. Click Activate under “Contact Form 7 Email Add on Pro.”


The plugin’s instruction

As soon as the plugin has been installed, For Pro users of the plugin, go to the Email Add on options.


Options for the Email Add-on Panel

Fill in all the information that needs to be updated in your email template.


Panel of Templates

Then, choose the template you want to use.

For both user and admin emails, you’ll find a template here. Admins and users can use a different template. You can also save the form using the contact form 7 method after making changes to the template.

You can choose from 18+ pre-designed responsive email templates with a single click.


Text in Body of Email

It is possible to see the selected template in the message body, with the updated option you filled in the Email Addon options. A social media account link or email/phone number can be added from the options tab if the template you’ve chosen already has one; otherwise, the logo will be replaced.


Mailing Labels That Are Specifically for You

On the plugin popup, the user can see customized mail tags.

Form fields can be added or removed, content can be updated, and links can be added or removed.

Form fields can be added or removed.

Content, links, graphics, and buttons can all be updated at any time.


Download an HTML Template for External Use

It is possible to download a free HTML template for external use.


Custom shortcodes are supported.

Custom shortcodes are supported. On the plugin settings panel, we’ve added a new option ( Email Add on options ). The opportunity to add a shortcode can be found under Contact -> Email Add-On Options. Auto-suggest is supported in this field.


A sample of the design

Clicking on the eye icon in the Email templates tab will preview the email template. After making the changes in the mail tab of the contact form 7 where the HTML code is present, you can also check the preview and send a test email.


What is the procedure for adding a custom email template to a plugin?

This Github repo has all the information you need. A plugin and theme demo are included, showing how to add a new email template to your account.


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