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11 High-Converting WordPress Landing Page Plugins in 2022

Sunday, December 25, 2022 / WordPress / admin

WordPress Landing Page Plugins


Most companies have created landing pages for various sales events, products, services, and more. Without writing any code, you can rapidly create pages with a professional appearance with landing page plugins. WordPress landing page plugins provide users without coding or design expertise the ability to make appealing landing pages that showcase your offer and encourage visitors to act right away. Are you looking for trustworthy WordPress landing page plugins? This article will show you our top picks for the best landing page plugins for WordPress.


What Is a WordPress Landing Page Plugin?


You can use a WordPress landing page plugin to create separate web pages for generating leads, sales offers, and significant announcements. Squeeze web pages, lead acquisition pages, and target pages are other names for landing pages. A landing page’s primary distinction from other pages on your site is that it has a single, laser-focused goal, such as gathering a user’s email address.


The call to action, or CTA, on a landing page, indicates the page’s objective. A CTA instructs consumers what to do, such as “sign up for our newsletter.” The CTA on a landing page frequently takes the shape of a text-only, clickable button, such as “Buy Now”.


Why Use a Landing Page Plugin for WordPress?


Let’s look at some of the reasons why you might need or want a landing page plugin before we explore all the options:


1. To boost conversion rates

Visitors are much more likely to convert when presented with targeted content on landing pages. These conversions can take many forms, but they frequently involve purchasing, signing up for a webinar, or filling out a form.


2. Gaining More Leads

Leads are produced through emails, social networks, and search traffic. You can bet that when these leads are routed directly to your website, a sizable portion of them are lost. As a result, such links ought to be changed to point to a landing page.


3. To Present Marketing Offers Desirably 

Marketing offers are frequently mixed with other content on your website, reducing their overall effectiveness. Without additional clutter, landing pages often concentrate on one or two products.


4. Features the Best Landing Page Builder Plugins for WordPress Should Have

The following aspects should be present in your ideal WordPress landing page builder plugin:


5. Removable navigation

The best landing pages don’t even include a hyperlink to the homepage in their navigation. Your click-through and conversion rates will increase due to this odd page structure.


6. Flexible layout

Most WordPress themes include a single primary layout that you can utilize for your website. Landing pages need to be more flexible, allowing you to switch between a single column, a grid layout, a content sidebar, etc., on the same page.


7. Ready-to-use templates

You may only sometimes have the time or desire to create a landing page from scratch. Pre-built templates are helpful in this situation. It’s best if you have access to as many of these templates as possible.


Top Landing Page Plugins for Creating Optin Forms in WordPress



1. OptimizePress3




The visual, drag-and-drop editor in OptimizePress 3 offers one of the greatest experiences for creating WordPress landing pages. It provides a quick inline editing experience and marketing-focused components to assist you in creating landing pages.



  • 100+ inbuilt templates.
  • Visual drag and drop editor.
  • Built-in payment support via Stripe.
  • Optimize funnel facility lets you create and analyze a complete sales funnel.


Price: Starting at $99



2. Thrive architect


Thrive Architect


Building landing pages is made simple with Thrive Architect, a What you see is what you get (WYSIWYG), a drag-and-drop WordPress page builder plugin that focuses on conversion optimization.



  • 325+ inbuilt templates.
  • Drag and drop editor.
  • A/B testing facility available.
  • Integration capability with 30+ email marketing tools.
  • No built-in payment method


Price: Available with Thrive Suite of products which costs $228/year.



3. Leadpages







You can easily combine Leadpages, a hosted SaaS landing page builder, with WordPress. A popup construction tool, integrated checkouts provided by Stripe, and a long range of integrations are all included with Leadpages.



  • 100+ inbuilt templates.
  • A/B testing facility available.
  • Built-in Payment support with Stripe.
  • Integration capability with 40+ email marketing tools.
  • Drap and drop editor.
  • A popup creation facility is available.


Price: Starts at $25/month



4. Divi Builder






Divi is a widely used visual drag-and-drop page builder for WordPress that is available as both a theme and a plugin. You’ll likely be more interested in the plugin version for landing pages, which you can use with any WordPress theme.



  • Drag and drop editor.
  • 100+ inbuilt templates.
  • A/B testing facility available.
  • Integration capability with 20+ email marketing tools.


Price: It is available as a part of Elements theme membership which comes at $89.


5. Qards





One of the less well-known Wp landing page plugins is Qards, which enables you to create beautiful landing pages with no coding knowledge.




  • Drag and drop visual editor facility.
  • Several inbuilt elements like footers, covers, images, and grids.
  • Integration capability with MailChimp.
  • Integration with email subscription tools.


Price: $99/site



6. Instapage




The purpose of Instapage is to turn advertising budgets into conversions. Its primary function is creating landing pages, but it also includes a complete collaboration tool, a page builder, and an optimization engine.



  • A/B testing facility available.
  • 200+ inbuilt templates.
  • Integration with Bigstock image library.
  • The collaboration tool is better for teamwork.


Price: Starts at $69/month



7. InstaBuilder





InstaBuilder is reasonably priced compared to other options, especially for developers or network owners who want to utilize the landing pages on numerous websites.



  • Requires little knowledge of coding.
  • 70+ inbuilt templates.
  • Supports EVP and EZS3 format.
  • A/B testing facility available.


Price: $47/site


8. Landing page Builder


Landing Page Builder



Landing page builder creates landing pages using the visual editor included with WordPress rather than a drag-and-drop editor.



  • Free of cost.
  • Integration facility with MailChimp.
  • Users must be familiar with Visual Editor capabilities.


Price: Free



9. WPOnepager


WP One Pager



One of the most uncomplicated landing page builders for WordPress is WPOnepager. This builder’s primary function is to produce landing pages.



  • Many inbuilt free templates
  • Fully responsive and web optimized
  • WooCommerce integration capability
  • Create custom templates


Price: Starting with $39/site



10. Elementor Pro


Elementor Pro



Elementor Pro is a more flexible WordPress page builder than Thrive Architect and OptimizePress.



  • Easy drag-and-drop editor.
  • 100+ inbuilt templates.
  • Integration with 7+ email subscription tools.
  • No payment method is supported.


Price: starting from $49


11. Beaver Builder





Among the WordPress page builders plugins on our list, Beaver Builder likely has the fewest functionality specific to landing pages.



  • Easy drag-and-drop editor.
  • Integration with 22+ email subscription tools.
  • 100+ inbuilt templates.
  • It doesn’t support A/B Testing.
  • It doesn’t support pop up


Price: $99




You should consider the features you’re going to use when choosing a WordPress plugin, as with any selections. Which would you prefer—a cheap premium plugin or free templates? A faster interface may appeal more to you than a full landing page plugin with conversion and communication options.