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15 Best Slider Plugins for a WordPress Site (Editor’s Pick)

Thursday, January 5, 2023 / WordPress Plugin / admin

Best Slider Plugins WordPress


If you’re looking for methods to enhance the visitor experience on your website, try installing a WordPress plugin. For example, tools like WordPress slider plugins not only assist in highlighting the main content on a page and show it in a visually pleasing and engaging style. In this article, we have provided a list of the top 15 best slider plugins for WordPress.


What is a slider in WordPress?


A slider is a web page element that displays a slideshow of pictures and videos. Sliders can be configured to transition automatically or with user input and display one element simultaneously. Sliders can be positioned almost anywhere on a WordPress website. To add one to your site, one can use a free or even a premium WordPress slider plugin.


How to Choose the Right WordPress Slider Plugin


While adding sliders to the WordPress website could make it more visually appealing, they can also negatively impact the speed and functionality of your site. As a result, carefully examine each image slider plugin before making a choice. You must consider three important factors when selecting a WordPress slider plugin:


  • Mobile Responsive: 


The slider plugin needs to be fully responsive to function properly on mobile devices. If it isn’t mobile-friendly, businesses could lose potential clients that visit your site from mobile devices.


  • Easy to Use: 


Choose a simple slider plugin to install and operate. If you select an image slider that is quite complicated, you may waste time learning how to utilize it.


  • Fast


Many plugins make your site take longer to load and slow it down. Choose a plugin with excellent speed and optimized code to maintain your site as fast as possible; this can affect how well your site ranks in search engines.


The Problem With WordPress Sliders


WordPress sliders tend to be slow. A slider can significantly increase the website’s page load time if improperly programmed. Your server can respond much more slowly than usual if you don’t have a reliable WordPress hosting provider.


The ease of use of WordPress slider plugins is another issue. The majority of them have a steep learning curve for newcomers. Most of them have a steep learning curve for novices and are bloated.


But you must also ensure that the WordPress slider is compatible with mobile devices. So how can you check for all this when browsing through hundreds of slider plugins? You don’t have to, though. Here are our recommendations for the top WordPress slider plugins from the study we have done for you.



The Contenders for Best WordPress Slider Plugins


1. Meta Slider


Meta Slider



A simple-to-use plugin called Meta Slider has over 500,000 current installations and an almost flawless rating of 4.8 out of 5.



  • Use to use interface.
  • Allows adding images with captions or destination URLs.
  • Inbuilt 11 slideshow themes.
  • The Premium version supports videos.


Price: Starts from $79/site/year


2. Slider Revolution


Slider Revolution


It’s a slider plugin for WordPress that is among the most well-liked and frequently used. Supplying a large number of high-quality features.



  • Create fully responsive image sliders.
  • Inbuilt transition animation styles.
  • Supports adding captions.
  • More than 200 templates are available.


Price: $29/site/year


3. LayerSlider




A high-quality, fully Responsive slider plugin called LayerSlider provides a variety of helpful layouts and simple-to-manage, highly adjustable features.



  • Inbuilt 200 2D and 3D transitions.
  • Easy drag-and-drop builder.
  • Inbuilt 13 templates are available.
  • Transition builder available for developing custom animations.


Price: $25/site


4. Easing Slider


Easing Slider



It is a simple plugin to use. To add images to the slider, you only need to choose them from your Media Library.



  • Supports Live preview of the slideshow as you edit it.
  • Supports adding videos, HTML captions, and swipe navigation.
  • Supports customization of slideshow using WordPress customizer tool.


Price: Free


5. Smart Slider


best slider plugins for WordPress



With the help of a straightforward drag-and-drop interface, you may work with numerous levels using the simple WordPress slider plugin known as Smart Slider.



  • It can include videos from Youtube and Vimeo.
  • You can use custom fonts, styles, and navigation.
  • Autoplay configurations are supported.
  • Features multiple slider controls for styles and positions. 


Price: Free, $49/site


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6. Social Slider Widget Pro


Social Slider Widget Pro



With the Social Slider Widget Pro, you may use shortcodes to show Instagram feeds everywhere on your WordPress website.



  • No requirement for the API key.
  • Easy to set up and customize.
  • Fully responsive.
  • Supports images in thumbnail or full form.


Price: $29/3 site/ year


7. Soliloquy





WordPress has a powerful and well-liked slider plugin called Soliloquy. In addition to its drag-and-drop functionality, it offers several distinctive features.



  • Supports image carousel that rotates image as the user clicks it.
  • Inbuilt 100 configurable filters.
  • Fast and SEO friendly.
  • Supports image thumbnails, light boxes, and responsive design.


Price: $13/site/year


8. Master slider


Master Slider



Master Slider seems to be a high-quality, responsive tool with many fantastic features and hundreds of pre-made designs.



  • Supports adding HTML content in layers.
  • Supports full-screen slider with video background.
  • Allows you to create multiple HTML layers.


Price: $34


9. Slider by 10Web


Slider by 10Web



The powerful, responsive slider from 10Web will assist you in creating stunning sliders for the website.



  • Supports Youtube and Vimeo.
  • Multiple ways to create sliders like external URLs, shortcodes, etc.
  • Embed sliders on multiple pages at once.


Price: $20/site


10. WP Logo Showcase Responsive slider



It helps you to create logo sliders. It can be used to showcase multiple sponsors or stakeholders at once.



  • Fully interactive and responsive.
  • Ideal for freelancers and consultants.
  • Inbuilt attention-grabbing slider modules.
  • Create fully customized sliders using low code.


Price: Free, Paid versions available


11. GS Logo Slider

best slider plugins WordPress


Although the GS logo slider is small and won’t burden your website, it can also accomplish the task.



  • Responsive and easy to use.
  • Inbuilt 24 themes.
  • Works seamlessly with Gutenberg block editor.


Price: $30/site/year


12. WordPress Carousel


best slider plugins for WordPress



You get more than just an ordinary carousel picture slider with WordPress Carousel. You may make both post and product carousels using this plugin.



  • It highlights different products in your store using the Product carousel.
  • The post carousel helps you to highlight recent posts.
  • Inbuilt WooCommerce integration.


Price: Free, Paid version available


13. WordPress Slider Plugin by Supsystic


best slider plugins for WordPress


Sup’s WordPress Slider Plugin Supsystic’s WordPress Slideshow Plugin makes it simple to create and showcase professional-looking slideshows for your blog’s images and content.



  • Fully responsive and easy to use.
  • Choices between post feed slider, video slider, or carousel.
  • The facility of drag and drop interface.
  • Facility to create custom themes.


Price: $46/site/year


14. SlideDeck

best slider plugins for WordPress



You can use SlideDeck to make image sliders with content from Google Plus, Instagram, Flickr, Dribble, and WordPress media.



  • Place the image from its source without downloading the image.
  • Fully responsive.
  • Horizontal, Vertical, and carousel options.
  • Can place the thumbnail slider on your image slider.


Price: $25/site/year


15. WOW slider



best slider plugins for WordPress


The free WordPress slideshow plugin WOW Slider is responsive and offers a variety of functions and eye-catching effects.



  • Easy to use point-and-click interface.
  • Availability of 25 transitions and animations.
  • Free plugin with premium features.


Price: Free



Sliders are an excellent method to draw website visitors in and draw focus on the information you want them to view. Ensure the plugin’s functionality is in line with the requirements and objectives of your website.