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How to Use WPForms to Generate More Leads on WordPress

Tuesday, October 25, 2022 / WordPress / admin



For your website to produce new leads and turn website visitors into customers, you need forms. Fortunately, you do not need to build them from scratch; the WPForms plugin simplifies the process of adding attractive, useful forms to your website rapidly and easily. The WPForms WordPress plugin provides over 400 pre-made email templates so even beginners can create forms with great conversion rates, whether creating a contact or request form, a traditional survey, or anything else. We’ll delve into the most significant features the WPForms plugin offers today. You’ll discover what makes this plugin unique from the competition and how to get started.


How to Use WPForms to Get Better Results


1. Create Surveys


You may pleasantly interact with your audiences by providing them with engaging surveys. It’s among the most straightforward and efficient methods for generating leads.


2. Use conditional logic to create Smart Dynamic Forms


Utilize WordPress popup forms that are dynamic to gather relevant information. These are the kinds of forms that would alter dynamically in response to the choices the user makes on your WPForms.


3. Reduce abandonment with Conversational Forms


Most users who begin a form’s completion abandon the website before finishing it. Those are lost customers who would have been paying clients. However, by employing Conversational Forms, desertion can be significantly decreased.


4. Increase lead quality with spam protection


Use the built-in anti-spam WPForms functionality and the clever CAPTCHA to prevent spam attacks and low-quality leads from reaching your list.


5. Persuade visitors to take action with mini-landing pages


To encourage persons to join your email list, provide feedback, join a membership site, or perform any other activity, you must use Form Pages inside your campaigns.


WPForms brings Unlimited Possibilities to Your Marketing


You can test strategies that your rivals can’t by integrating WPForms with your marketing campaigns. To improve the quantity and caliber of your leads, you have the chance to put a good amount of fresh concepts into practice. The concepts we discussed before are merely a drop in the bucket. You’ll never run out of things to test if you’re imaginative enough, and that’s powerful.

If you want to build customized contact forms email, you can use the contact form email addon plugins for that. Similarly, plugins like OptinMonster enable you to run advanced marketing campaigns within your WordPress blog.



Custom Pre-developed Contact Form 7 Email Templates

18+ Pre-developed responsive email templates




Key Features & Addons of the WPForms Plugin


We’ve compiled some valuable details about our favorite WPForms additions and features that make the plugin incredibly useful. Here are a few of the essential components that make this plugin effective.


1. Easy Drag-and-Drop Builder


The WPForms plugin receives top ratings for being simple to use. Even if this is your initial time using the plugin, you can create any form using the user-friendly drag-and-drop builder in a matter of minutes. Therefore, this plugin can be an excellent fit for your site if you do not have any experience writing code.


2. Payment Methods


Setting up an online business or shopping cart can take some time. However, these might not be necessary if your goal is to accept payments through your website. You can instead directly collect payments through your forms. The fact that you may select to accept payments using Stripe, Square, PayPal, or


3. Built-in Conditional Logic


Conditional logic is one of WPForms’ most notable features. It enables you to alter the visibility of form fields based on prior responses from users. Because your forms will be brief and to the point, users will only have to respond to important inquiries. Conditional logic aids in obtaining the most pertinent data from leads while enhancing form dialogues and the user experience.


4. Conversational Forms


A distinct, interactive form design is conversational forms. Conversational forms display one question at a time rather than 20 questions simultaneously. This structure makes filling out the form feel more like a face-to-face conversation, which enhances the user experience. The WPForms plugin makes building conversational forms simple, even though it may look complex. Simply click the checkbox to enable conversation form mode while creating your form.


5. Surveys and Polls


Receiving direct feedback from customers and visitors to your website is crucial. The surveys and polls extension for WPForms makes it simple to collect that data. Create an exciting survey that is as basic or complex as you like with the drag-and-drop builder. Because this addon is intended only for surveys, intelligent survey fields like the Likert scale, star ratings, and multiple-choice alternatives are provided.


6. Form Abandonment


The “Form Abandonment” add-on from WPForms can generate more leads by capturing incomplete entries. Any form, including “request a quotation” and help request forms, can be used with this add-on. Even if a potential consumer only fills out part of the form, you can still contact them if you can gather incomplete form entries.




7.  Save and Resume Option


Users find it intimidating to fill out lengthy forms. Users can preserve their work while they complete your form by using the ‘Save and Resume’ addon that is available with the WPForms plugin. They can then quickly restore their entry when they return to finish it, saving significant time, effort, and frustration.


8. User Journey Mapping


“User Journey” is another excellent addition to utilize in combination with the WPForms plugin. You may discover which content on your website encourages users to fill out forms with the User Journey addon. It provides information on the URL that led them to your website, the terms they used to search, the posts and pages they read, and UTM values from the advertising campaign they engaged with.


9. Mobile-Friendly Forms


WPForms is entirely mobile responsive, which means it functions well on desktop, mobile, and tablet devices. Additionally, the WPForms plugin enables you to design forms that work across browsers, ensuring that users can use your forms without difficulty, regardless of how they reach your website.




Using intelligent forms in marketing efforts is one thing that consistently works. WordPress popup forms enhance lead generation by assisting businesses in creatively interacting with their prospects and clients. You can quickly generate higher-quality leads by using WordPress popup forms.


The possibilities for using WPForms go well beyond this. Once you are at ease with the plugin, you may investigate more valuable features like form locking, geolocation information, and more. Forms are essential for gathering leads and data. Therefore, spending money on a form plugin like WPForms will pay off.