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Best Call-to-Action WordPress Plugins In 2022 (Free & Premium)

Thursday, May 5, 2022 / WordPress Plugin / admin

Call-to-Action WordPress Plugins


Whether be it personal or business website, there is no doubt that calls-to-action are a crucial part of your website. They assist your readers and users to heed the path you want them to follow and take the desired action. Whether be it to sign up for your email list or you might want to schedule a consultation session, whatever the purpose might of your WordPress website you require call-to-action in all scenarios. You might utilize them to attract traffic to a particular product on your website which at the moment is on sale.

Whichever the case may be, an eye-catching call to action can significantly uplight your CTR. You can use multiple WordPress plugins, that are available in the market, to create effective calls to action. Next, we’ll take a look at six of the best  Call-to-Action WordPress plugins currently available online so you can figure out which ones are the best. But first, back to the basics.


What is a Call to Action?


A call to action is a command that motivates your customers or users to do something. The move that you want them to make can be anything. Maybe you want them to sign up, buy a product, contact you, or leave a testimonial. A call to action (CTA) in the right place can assist your visitors through the move you want them to make or to reach whatever your online goals might be.

A call to action has suggesting language telling the visitor to do something. That usually means using words like “subscribe”, “buy”, “get”, and so on. It might feel a little weird, giving commands to people but it will feel less weird if the command is in form of a button or call-out box as it puts your commands separate from your other texts.


3 Reasons why a Call to Action is Important


There is always a reason for a webpage to exist. But there is always a chance that your user might have a look at your call to action and exit the site without taking any action. An effective call to action is what keeps a user on-site and leads them where you want them to go which will help you achieve your online go.


Your call to action is a possibility to take real steps towards converting visitors into customers. It can be a deciding factor between a lead and a conversion. Many have argued that a call to action is a very crucial part of a site. Forgetting to add a CTA to your site is a grave mistake that won’t bode well with your online business.


There is a reason that CTA has become an online staple for online businesses and ad copies- three reasons.


1. CTAs Uplifts Your Sales Funnel


Call to action are two peas in a pod. The CTA serves as conversions between the levels of the buyer’s buying journey. Prompting the users to take immediate action, they instruct the user on what to do next. Whether you want your potential customer to go to your blog, download an e-book, subscribe to your newsletter, or give you their contact information, you must initiate this action with a well-placed CTA in the sales funnel. 


2. Customers Want Them


The CTAs arent just important for the sales funnel, the customers expect them and want them too. To take the next step, the call to action is the biggest guide at the end of the page that the users expect. The visitors have gone through your ad copy and are ready to interact with your brand, therefore, looking for the CTA button to learn what to do next. Skipping the CTA can confuse the users and lose their chances of sealing their conversion. 


3. They Boost the Success of Digital Advertising


Digital advertising is all about spreading awareness about your product or service, hypping up your product or service, and attracting potential consumers to seal the deal. The CTA is is a missing piece of the puzzle that completes your ad copy. Without a CTA your ad copy will fall flat on its face and will be incomplete. It won’t have the final curve that motivates the users to take the next step. CTAs are a crucial part of pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. Adding a CTA to your PPC campaign is what delivers intent to the users. 


5+ Best Call-to-Action WordPress Plugins


#1  Thrive Ultimatum (Premium)


Thrive Ultimatum lets you craft calls to action by utilizing the principle of scarcity marketing. The rule of marketing is that if you create urgency or scarcity of a product or service in the ad copy then the CTA will convert better. 

As Neil Patel said, “If you can create a stronger sense of urgency on your landing page or websites, then you can successfully spur people to do what you want them to do on your page (i.e., convert).”


Thrive Ultimatum


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Thrive Ultimatum retails for $97 annually for lifetime access.



#2  Popup builder  (Free)


WP Popups is the most popular pop-up maker in the WordPress marketplace. With a simple and intuitive template builder, you can easily craft and customize your pop-up with just a few clicks. To craft a popup with this tool is a piece of cake as no coding skills are needed. 


WordPress Popup Builder

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#3 Convert Pro (Premium)


With convert pro, you can easily get pre-built templates and can easily customize many things using a visual, drag-and-drop interface. Then you can bridge directly to several email marketing services and develop your CTAs using built-in analytics and A/B testing.

In order to make your call-to-action visible to the right users, at right time, you’ll need a lot of targeting and trigger rules. For example, you can target by content, referring URLs, user devices, past behavior, and lots more.


Convert Pro

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Convert Pro retails for $89 annually, or for a one-time payment of $389 for lifetime access.


Other Relevant Plugins

WordPress Popup plugin


#4 Simple Side Tab (Free)


Consider the Simple Side Tab if you’re looking for a plugin that will let you place your CTA on the side of your website and stay visible as users scroll down. The tab will stay visible no matter how far you scroll up and down. The tab will be visible on the left or right side of your web page and will be visible throughout the site on all pages.

The Simple Side Tab is mobile optimized and will be visible properly on a small screen as well. This call-to-action WordPress plugin isn’t made of any graphics therefore it won’t slow down the site and you can easily customize the colors and fonts of the side tab.


Simple Side TabImage Source




#5 Bloom (Premium)


Geared towards increasing the number of email subscribers, Bloom is a call to action plugin that’s geared toward just that. This plugin is an email opt-in that assists you to convert visitors into loyal followers with highly focused content.

It lets you keep calls to action on specific pages or posts. Using special forms, you can display country-specific unique offers using special forms based on your level of interaction with visitors.


Bloom Email Opt In PluginImage Source


Bloom retails for $89 annually, or for a one-time payment of $249 for lifetime access.


#6 Contact Form 7 Email Add-on (Free)


Contact form 7 Email Addon is the email configuration extension to the Contact Form 7. It lets you customize the contact form email both for users and admin.

Different pre-developed email templates will also allow you to use A/B testing to analyze user behavior and improve conversion rates. Contact form 7 email add-on that also aids in conversion optimization.



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To Sum Up


Calls to action(CTA) are an awesome way of improving conversion rate as well as user experience and engagement rate. CTAs not only decrease bounce rates: they also assist you to boost the sales funnel and help you achieve your marketing goals.


The Call-to-Action WordPress Plugins on this list can assist you to add an attractive call to action easily and unobtrusively. Let us know your experience with them in the comments below.