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Welcome to KrishaStore – Introduction to our services

Monday, February 6, 2017 / News / admin

Introduction to Our Services


Design trends are forever evolving. We at KrishaWeb incorporate the latest elements of design in all our logos. For starters, we believe in minimalism. This means minimal colors, simple forms, and effects with smart focus. Our logos are unique so you can use them across various platforms and backgrounds. Draw the customer attention with letters stacking technique. This involves placement of large message on logo concisely. It is possible to stack it vertically or horizontally combined with graphic elements. Text logos are forever effective and relevant. We use different fonts and minimalistic effects. Handwritten style and decreased/increased kerning are some examples. Our logos are refined and elegant with innovative lettering style. Flat design features fine, clean aesthetics. It projects comfort and clarity.

Email Newsletter

Our designs provide retention, awareness, conversion, and acquisition. Build trust with subscribers through valuable information sharing. Since, most people view newsletters on their mobile devices we believe in mobile-first strategy. Responsive designs do away with the need for zooming or pinching. Fixed width of newsletters ensures universal support with ideal width 600px. CTA is different for mobile users with phone numbers as link. For desktop and laptop users it is sign up. We incorporate interactive animations, different footer-header for mobile screen. Single column designs increase subscribers. Our designers add interactive elements like CSS3 animation, flip effects, menus, and accordions. We will optimize the newsletter across e-mail clients. Backups are also present in the form of ALT text or colored pixel art.

Landing Page

Our page design is contextual and full-screen video incorporation. With the contextual videos, it is possible to set conversation mood. It emotionally triggers customers with subtle imagery. This increases the hits on CTA button. We will add personality to the page by adding illustrations. It can be your mascot, product, background images, or logos. Customers will be able to differentiate your services from others. When relevant we will also incorporate parallax scrolling. Here the background moves at slower rate than foreground. This leads to 3-D effects. The aim is to create a persuasive and masterful page. Free-trial signups are incredibly simple so that it does not turn the way the visitors. Opt-in processes are interactive for immediate service or product access.

Single Page Website

Ideal for small business requirements, we help present limited content amounts beautifully. It contains information regarding the business, operation hours, business address, and contact methods at most. Creative arrangement on the single page maximizes impact. Clients will get the relevant information quickly. Parallax scrolling feature makes it creative and awesome. Our team incorporates beautiful typography, animations, and graphics easily in your one-page design. Portfolio websites, product site, and websites to inform about meetings or weddings have single page designs. Our designers will ensure maximum visibility and awareness. We offer navigational clues and arrows for the users. Our designs are intuitive, with easy and fast maintenance. We incorporate good inbound links with a storytelling angle in the content to increase conversion.

WordPress Plugins

Incorporation of WordPress plug-ins to the websites can increase the usability factors immensely. It is possible to customize them based upon our clients’ needs. It works as a catalyst for diversification allowing you to make the most of WordPress platform. We develop plug-ins to spare you the efforts to write elaborate, long winding codes. The plug-ins we develop will bolster site security, boost social media connections, and speed up the site. SEO optimization possibilities increase. There will be room for the customizable widgets. Sites can be as flamboyant or restricted as needed. Our custom development has zero redundancy. Strict pre-delivery tests make the plug-ins bug free. We customize plug-ins based on the inputs you provide. All plug-ins are exceptionally versatile and unique.