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Lazy Sign-in Pro WordPress Plugin

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Pro version of the Lazy Sign-in Plugin is packed with the advanced features like customizable login page, improved CSS, JS and terms and condition check box etc.

Key Features

  • Customizable login form from the theme folder
  • Action hook on the successful registration
  • 15 days free support for Installation and set up

Product Description

Lazy Sign-in lets you easily create fully customizable AJAX powered responsive login and a sign-up form for your website. It is easy to customize the signup and login forms especially for the woo-commerce stores using the plugin. You can create separate sign-up and login pages having N number of form fields using this plugin.

Product Information Table
Product Name: Lazy Sign-in Pro
Developed by: KrishaWeb
Latest Version: 2.0
WordPress version compatibility: 4.1 or higher

A single installation of Lazy Sing-in lets you create a separate login and sign-up pages. You can create the sign-up and login page using the shortcode [kwt_ajax_signup_form] and [kwt_ajax_login_form]. You will be able to add N number of form fields in the sign-up form through plugin settings. Ones user will signup, you can also redirect he/she to a specific page. Admin can manage that from the backend settings of the plugin.

Lazy Sign-in AJAX that lets you create fully responsive signup and login forms for WordPress website. It also offers the required field and unique field verification features. Auto-generate username and password feature is also available in Lazy Sign-in. Users can always update their profile details from the profile page. The system will automatically update the information in the database and consider the latest info from the latest interaction.

Installation Steps:

  • Install the plugin via WordPress or download and upload the plugin to the /wp-content/plugins/
  • Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  • Create a page called “login” or “register”
  • Add the shortcode [kwt_ajax_login_form] or [kwt_ajax_signup_form] to any post or page

Pro Feature:

Customizable login form: You can upload the design of your login and sign up form into the theme folder. You can also customize the form designs. The design of the login page won’t get affected now even if you will update the plugin version. You can do this just by over writing the design files in theme folder.

Link to Sign up page in login form: There wasn’t link to the sign-up form in login page till now. Users will be able get the access to the sign-up form in the login page in Lazy Sign-in Pro.

Terms and condition checkbox: You can add the link to the terms and condition page along with the check box in the sign-up form.

CSS and JS Improvements: We have minified the CSS and JS used. This result into the significant improvement in the page loading speed. All the CSS and JS will be included to only on the pages where short code is applied. So, it will not affect the performance of the other pages.

Action hook on the successful registration: Developer can apply anything like EXAMPLE OF ACTIONS using the action hook named ‘lsi_user_registered’ on the successful user registration.

For example, if you wish to add something to the user meta you can use the below code:

add_action( ‘lsi_user_registered’, ‘theme_user_meta’, 10 , 1 );
function theme_user_meta($user_id) {


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1 Customizable login form from the theme folder
2 Link to sign up page in login form
3 Terms and condition check box
4 CSS and JS inclusion on the shortcode applied pages only
5 Minified CSS and JS to improved page speed
6 Action hook on the successful registration
7 Easy installation
8 Separate login and signup pages
9 Easy customization of login and signup forms
10 Ability for add/remove fields in the signup form
11 Ability to redirect users to specific page
12 Can keep the form fields ‘required’ and ‘unique’
13 Ability to assign roles to the users
14 AJAX verification
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