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9 Reasons why single page website is trendy

Wednesday, July 26, 2017 / Web Design / Samir

Nowadays we are witnessing a paradigm shift in web design industry. It’s going to change the entire process and trend of website design. The web platform is rapidly evolving and now it is going to establish a new trend of single page website. This trend is going to free the websites from the out dated concept of print design and will be able to utilize the digital ecosystem they’re built on. This concept is going to give the websites a new way of approaching the customers with more advanced tools, better outlook and will create unique and improved web-native experiences. Given the advanced technology, starting from browser capability to broadband restrictions, CSS, HTML, and JavaScript, there are unlimited possibilities of improvement and this is the time when we can make it happen.

There are several causes and compelling arguments for pageless design. Let’s understand all those reasons and arguments that make pageless design the future of the web.

Reasons that make Pageless Design the Future of the Web


Based on Story Telling Approach that Compels Visitors to take Action



What is the purpose of having a website? Very obvious – we want to connect or communicate with other and with our current and future customers and community. The community includes the customers, prospects, enthusiasts, stakeholders and partners. At all cases, there is one common goal to accomplish, the defined objective and this will always require a specific action on the part of the user and community. Explanation of all this is the story telling about your business.

Stories are considered to be the most effective vehicle for delivering messages that are not only heard and understood, but it also inspires and compels the users to take appropriate action. In addition, having a pageless designed website, we do not have to rely on the more conventional and traditional media to tell our brand story to our users. It helps us craft captivating, immersive, robust and interactive experiences that are considered as more effective tool compared to traditional media and also traditional web design.


Elegant, Crisp and Excellent Experience


When you land on a pageless website you get immersed in the opening lines of an enticing story. The simple and seamless design takes you to a world of ultra slim design coming your way and telling you the story that takes center stage for the entire walkthrough of the website.

You are welcomed by the beginning of a well-crafted story, where you only have to scroll down to keep the momentum of the story live.

This simple and seamless action gives you an experience devoid of link hunting or any other type of click guesswork. As this single page format compels the businesses to distil their vision into one page, the entire message is usually much clearer and more powerful than it otherwise would have been scattered amongst a home page, about page, services, portfolio, sidebar, etc.


It’s Clean, Intuitive and Easy to Consume


Today’s websites are having some of the basic features which you can witness when you land on the average website. This includes a huge banner slider, top or sidebar navigation, the main body of content/images/icons/logo and a sidebar with multiple links, images and CTAs. You might land on a website where you will be asked to enter your name and email address immediately, even if you are not aware of the person, group or the company you’re visiting. But there is no such cluster of pages, features and unnecessary navigation process to puzzle you. There will be a simple yet informative single page with every service and products detailed out in a single scroll.


It’s Intuitively and Emotionally Satisfying


Given the advancements in HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3 and other platforms, we’re now able to integrate interactive components in the entire framework of our story to encourage, amaze and win over our visitors completely which cannot be accomplished by just placing and adjusting the factual details and data. The buttons that chime, click that opens, boxes that flip and fold – you find everywhere creativity. These are the “bubble wrap” that deliver delighted texture and emotional appeal to the story you are trying to describe.

When you create a design that is much more than merely looking good and offer you a feel good appeal too, it creates an addicting feedback loop that encourages user to take specific actions “just for the fun of it.”


Offer Easier, Rapid and Powerful Iteration


A pageless website is considered as a great converter too. Apart from this, it is also easier to make necessary strategic and design based changes on the basis of the analytics and users’ feedback that is quite faster as well as more effective as you have to deal with only one page. Your headache to try your hand in weaving a good user experience across multiple pages is confined to a concise and powerful one page story. You just have to tweak the desired details and design that you have crafted to make them even more satisfying and delightful than they already are.


It Reduces Bounce Rates and Triggers Sharing


The lower the bounce rate, better the performance of any website. In a single page website, the bounce rates are also reduced due to having every information in the single page. There is the least possibility of getting confused by any visitor hence the bounce rate is minimum. The visitor is greeted with great design, a good story and the major objective for which that website was designed. The bounce rate is also determined by the site’s story concept and the flow as the right flow and great story telling will be able to entice the visitors to stay there longer.

Apart from this, it’s difficult to make your bulky website with multiple pages to be visited by someone. Sharing it all will be difficult as it will force visitors to manually zero in on what they came searching for and sharing that page with someone else. When it comes to sharing the landing pages, it’s not professional to share a landing page with others as it’s obvious that you’re just after the revenue. But on the other hand, sharing a compelling story and a good experience would be much friendly and better. It will also encourage and excite you and the one with whom you are sharing the website.

This concept of a single page, in this way, provides a great way to organically encourage visitors and people within their circle and turn them all into effective sales funnel that they would actually enjoy.


Pageless Website is More Appealing on Every Device


As the page is single, the design is coupled with uniformity across every platform of devices as the visitors are used to scroll the content. Moreover, they are habitual of dealing with interactive elements and intuitive navigation. When it comes to smartphone the users are more comfortable and quick to embrace it and it is similar to any app when it comes to creating and offering the mobile users memorable and enjoyable experiences.

Mobile app are more appealing to developers and designers also as due to its limitations every time developers come up with some uniqueness and new solutions that are not actually as heavy as outdated conventions like any standard website pages. The technology advancements has led to a new kind of interactions aligning with the digital environment; swipe aspects, pop-out menus, GPS usage, use of Google map, GPS data, animations and much more.

So, it is quite obvious that pageless design is gaining lot of traction these days and is proving to be equally effective and even better in many aspects by providing a cleaner, simpler, and richer user experience coupled with delightful web-native interactions. This is only possible by leveraging a design concept that is called responsive. This type of website design not only adjusts the size of the device but it also gives you an appealing and satisfying feeling when viewed on any device.


It’s Pocket-friendly


Now, the last but not the least; the most crucial aspect – the pricing part. Conventionally, it is quite an expensive affair for the enterprises and the individuals to create an appealing and feature rich custom website. It may cost thousands of dollars. But thankfully, with a pageless website, it is not this much expensive.

It has given everyone the opportunity to have their own website with the pageless design concept. Now with impressive services, you can have a beautiful pageless website of your own in just two weeks and at a price much lesser than the standard ones.


Yields Improved Conversion Rates


All the above activities are of no use if they did not lead to higher conversion rates. Of course, all the above aspects of a website plays a great role in conversion, but the final and only goal of building any website is conversion.

The primary objective of developing any website is conversion. You build website to drive new leads, to expand your online community, to market your product or service, to trigger more downloads, to sell more products and services.

All the above-mentioned goals can be effectively achieved the best way by having a single page website. Its shortness and straightforward design coupled with a great story telling concept and visceral interactions boost the website visitors and drive them to a single page. The major cause is that it is more focused than any other standard website and more decent than a mere landing page.

Are you looking forward to getting one pageless website for your own business? By now probably you are more aware of the benefits that a pageless website can offer by having a closer look at the above-mentioned ones. So, try out this unique new concept of the pageless website and enjoy the benefits.